How to WoW Everyone

Using is easy. Choose some great designs. Get some friends together. Take turns to turn around and there you have it. As easy as one, two and turn. More people equals more fun…

Stag Parties

For Stag Parties we recommend the Tank Battle TurnShirts, where the Stag can have the Tank and shoot off some rounds before they get married. Personalize the t-shirts by adding all ‘stag party’ names, aka Tank Commander.

Hen Parties

For the ladies in a hen party why not use our Mexican Wave Turnshirts to form an endless line of lovely ladies doing some Turns with those Shirts to get noticed. Remember to personalize the back of the t-shirts with your lovely names.


At festivals you can have some extra fun with the Mexican Wave Turnshirts ,maybe spelling out your favorite band on the back of the t-shirts or having an individual letter to spell out a “L O V E U”  message to the band playing. Then all turn around at once to reveal the message.

Sales Team Motivation

Give your sales team extra motivation from Purchase a personalised totally animated t-shirt for each team member. When the sales goal is reached all stand in a line and complete a glorious Mexican Wave. For added fun the manager on the end can have a t-shirt with the name of the top sales person on the back. He’s the last to turn and reveal the winner of a special prize!


Compete with Friends, Family and Fans

Start a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors and take turns to use your t-shirts to beat the other team. Get in a line, decide who is going to turn and ten BANG! knock out the other team. Play fair and enjoy the fun.

Pay Rock,Paper,Scissors Today!

Play Rock,Paper,Scissors!


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